PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Current Issue: Vol 48, No 2, September 2018


1. Kargupta A N and Shipra Kumari. New Records of some species of the Genus Coleochaete De Bréb . (Chlorophyceae; Chaetophorales) from Bihar, India and a note on its evolutionary significance...1..PDF

2. Shukla, C. P., Singh. D. R. and Yadav, S. R. Algofloristic Studies of the of Palghar District of Maharashtra, India.. 6.. PDF

3. Girish Kumar E, Thanzeeha K V, Sasikala K, Pradeepkumar G, Sivadasan K K and Abdul Jaleel V. A Preliminary Study on the Diversity of Planktonic Algae of Kaanam River, Kannur, Kerala, India...13.. PDF

4. Keisham Bijyalakshmi Devi, Dharitri Borah and Jayashree Rout. Algal colonization on an insectivorous plant, Utricularia aurea Lour. in a freshwater marsh of southern Assam, India..17..PDF

5. Patil S.B., Dhande J.S. and Mahajan S.R. Taxonomic studies on some species of Genus Pediastrum Meyen from Anjani dam of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra...32..PDF

6. Anuanandhi K, Suganya M and V Sivasubramanian. A pilot scale assessment of phycoremediation technology in handling effluent from a leather industry, Kanpur, India..39.. PDF

Other papers will be uploaded soon..