PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Current Issue: Vol 47, No 2, September 2017


1. Sudipta Kumar Das. A new species of heterocystous cyanoprokaryota from Sikkim, Eastern Himalayas (India)...1..PDF

2. Anurag Sunpapao and Mutiara K. Pitaloka. Two new species of Cephaleuros(Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae) from southern Thailand.. 5 .. PDF

3. Binoy T Thomas, Bhagya M V & Thomas V P. Trentepohlia dialepta (Nylander) Hariot: A terrestrial alga from Southern Western Ghat region, Kerala, India.. 10..PDF

4. Sonule Manju D. and Mulani Ramjan M. Fresh water algal diversity of Purna river from four sites in Parbhani district Maharashtra..14.. PDF

5. Manisha B. Bachchhav, Mohan V. Kulkarni, Arun G. Ingale. An efficient extraction of phycocyanin by ultrasonication and separation using ‘sugaring out’..19. PDF

6. N. Jeeji Bai, Beena B. Nair and V. Shashirekha. Conditions promoting astaxanthin production in Haematococcus, Haematococcaceae, Chlorophyceae, with special reference to H. pluvialis..25..PDF

7. Bruno Scardoelli-Truzzi and Lucia Helena Sipaúba-Tavares. Response of microalga Haematococcus pluvialis growing in phototrophic and mixotrophic culture under alternative source of carbon and media..39.. PDF

8. Mousumi Das and Jai Prakash Keshri. Algal diversity in foot hills of Eastern Himalayas-III (Cyanoprokaryota: Nostocales)..47..PDF

9. M .S.  Ragi,  D. S.  Jaya, Sheela  A.M. Assesment of the response of planktonic population tabiotic factors in tropical ponds using Factor analysis..66.. PDF

Other papers will be uploaded soon..