PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Current Issue: Vol 48, No 1, April 2018


1. Md Mehboob Hossain, Sri Narayan Ojha and Samit Ray. A comparative study of two forms of Nitella acuminata (A.Br. ex Wallam.) var. acuminata with regard to chromosome morphology and antheridial-filament cell size....1..PDF

2. Tessy Paul P and R. Sreekumar. Systematic account of Chlorococcales (Class: Chlorophyceae) from the Kole Lands of Thrissur, (part of Vembanad - Kol, Ramsar site), Kerala...10..PDF

3. Rekha, A  and P Sujathamma. Micro algae of Vakulamatha Cheruvu in foot of the Tirumala Hills, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh..18..PDF

4. Jyothi Kaparapu. Application of Microalgae in Aquaculture.. 21.. PDF

5. Sangita Devi Sharma. Distribution pattern of Aulosira spp. in five Districts of Chhattisgarh on the basis of Physico-Chemical characterization..27.. PDF

6. Sonule Manju D. and Mulani Ramjan M. Bacillariophyceae from Purna River Basin in Parbhani District Maharashtra..31..PDF

7. Mallesh Reddy and Alka Chaturvedi. Study of Cyanobacterial diversity from the major rivers of Chandrapur district, Maharashtra..36..PDF

8. Das L, Salvi H., Brahmbhatt B., Vaghela N., Kamboj R. D. Biomass and percent cover of marine macro algae at five south-western intertidal areas of Gulf of Kachchh..46..PDF

9. Puspanjali Pradhan Shantanu Bhattacharyya Pratibha Rani Deep1, Jayanta Kumar Sahu and Binata Nayak. Biodiversity of Cyanoprokaryota from Monuments of Western Odisha, India-I (Chroococales and Stigonematales)..58.. PDF

10. Pampi Sarmah and  Jayashree Rout. Algal colonization on polythene carry bags in a domestic solid waste dumping site of Silchar town in Assam ..67.. PDF

11. Mercy Nisha Pauline J and Anant Achary. Cultivation Of Chlorococcum oleofaciens In Domestic Waste Water And Comparison Of Growth in Phototrophic And Heterotrophic Mode.. 78.. PDF

12. Pranita Hajong and Papiya Ramanujam. New records of Diatoms from India..85..PDF

13. Syeda Fatima Manzelat, Asala  Mohammed Mufarrah,  Basmah Ahmed Hasan, Najwa Ali Hussain. Macro algae of the Red Sea from Jizan , Saudi Arabia...88..PDF

Other papers will be uploaded soon..